Our Mission



To foster an ecosystem that supports and sustains the businesses, wealth building, and well-being of Black women entrepreneurs.


Social Impact

Shift the tide of the racial wealth gap by helping Black women entrepreneurs scale their businesses and enhance their access to the financial and social capital that support wealth accumulation and retention.

We Have an Opportunity

  • We know that there is a wealth gap in the United States.
  • We know that Black people live at the bottom of that gap.
  • We know that women fare worse than men when it comes to access to opportunities.
  • We know that the wealth gap is not due to the inferior efforts of individuals. It is a systemic problem.
  • We know that wealth begets wealth.
  • We know that discriminatory laws, policies, and practice have primarily supported cisgendered white male companies and sustained their opportunity of compounded generational wealth.

As a result, America is losing out on over 1.1 million businesses created by people of color, and as a result, foregoing over 9 million potential jobs and $300 billion in collective national income.


We also know that a growing mass of individuals across race, ethnicities, class, sex, gender, age, and national origins, in addition to governmental agencies, philanthropic institutions, and corporations are committed to eliminating this gap.